The Gallery

The Torruella Quander Gallery is a fine arts gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international art. Since its founding in 1984, the Gallery’s mission has been to provide quality and original art works, many collected from among the creations of mid-level, well established and emerging artists from around the world.

Beyond its commitment to the promotion of national and international contemporary artists, the Gallery likewise caters to the taste of both seasoned and emerging collectors, offering its clients an opportunity to acquire some of the most carefully selected art and artifacts available in the contemporary U.S. art market…

A key focus has always been to make the art affordable and easily accessible, best achieved by bringing the art works into the local environment. An outstanding painter in her own right, many of the best art pieces are the original creations of Carmen Torruella Quander, resident artist, who has visited several foreign lands, been inspired by the original venue, and then returned to her studio, where she created a beautiful rendition of what she observed abroad.

Our aim is to always make your visit to our Gallery a pleasurable one. Beside the painted works of the resident artist and paintings collected from abroad, the Gallery offers unique jewelry pieces and artifacts. Whether you are a corporate client or an avid individual collector, we hope that you find something to your liking, and that you enjoy your visit to our Gallery as much as we enjoyed discovering and collecting the many wonderful creations that we now offer for your consideration.

Any questions you may have will be promptly addressed. Thank you!


Phone: (202) 487-9922